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I CHEM282 Chem281 Review sheet @ Complete the following reaction schemes (please indicate where racemic mixtures will be formed - in that case you only need to draw one stereoisomer): a)A- NaOEt _ EtOH please draw all stereoisomers obtained and indicate their relationship OsOo HrSOo _ heat BHt - THF ,,&$\ .V OH stereochemistry Propose a mechanism for the following reaction. NaOMe A small amount of a product containing a six membered ring is also formed. Give the
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Unformatted text preview: structure for that product and explain how it is formed and why so little of it is formed. @ Draw in detail the mechanism of the following E2 elimination reaction. Give the product and, referring to the mechanism, explain why that product is formed. Me NaOEt-? EtOH o \ra. .,.Br O^oMe H2SO4 _ heat H2, Pdlc -indicate e) a ffiu +** rfrn @ Dr. Uwe Kreis, SFU Pg-3-...
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