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CHEM282 Chem28l Review sheet @ Draw all stereoisomers of 1-hydroxy-N-methyl-1-phenyl-2-propanamine in perspective formula. Labelthe configuration (RS) on each. Please labelthe naturally occurring (1R,25) isomer which is called ephedrine (used to treat asthma). @ Give 4l!_possible products of the following reactions. For (b) indicate the stereo-
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Unformatted text preview: chemistry of the product and name it. lndicate the mechanism(s) for (d). \ a) of #-ry^ cl b) Ao c) fi+* I d) -^-,,A.-I cl I naoEt e) /\.-'--\-g1" -etOil Br ,,d#* L acetone \/ s) NaOEt---+ EtOH EtOH # @ Dr. Uwe Kreis, SFU Pg-4-...
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