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IMG_NEW_0025 - tH NMR spectrum consisting only of Uuafet...

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^tldul W 1) PPh{ ------------.--- 2) BuLi 'dth )x PAGE 4 o -, Aaul Ph7 (Nfu thql futl" \ Summer-06, 2nd ln-term Exom CHEM 282 (2) ll. What rnai 2 a @lrv NI trII nu dry NV (21 6. \Mtich of the following molecules is the most effective electroohile for the Michael addition? o I |"e(" /-o (--\ttt UI os-^-zo t lv ii,4l^ (21 4. A compound with the molecular
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Unformatted text preview: tH NMR spectrum consisting only of Uuafet centered at 3.5 ppm and atrjplelat 1.1 ppm. The most likely structure of the compound is: u MI ! w tr I II III IV V t\ ) .oyy \ slo, "fiL o#* +Ao2'r, 1ffo, IVV 31$) nr) tr d tr tr n I il ilt IV V /tur+il l6y|1lu.u- . IV CX:...
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