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Summer-06, 2nd ln-lerm Exom CHEM 282 PAGE 5 (12) 8. Complete the following reaction schemes (products and/or reagents) and give the names of reactions/mechanism where requested: o d*, ffi: frn + Hctrt Name of reaction , 1nd*{-rq rcgd'tWt' ph A) Name of rnecfianlsrn: oCuu)il' "'\ A socr^
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Unformatted text preview: ffi' O^"r socr2- U G*_: # o tr\.", ' VI ty ' _rf, 6fl.,Hft iuffi'- a,ce, NaoH p y. ^ V;" V ' fY(ruHFh ?':Fq #eu,A*I + 4.t (t HEt ? l ff $;tt d:H2NH2-) HCN-D) E) Provide Product structures and the names of the Functional h,{v fron' /,o-\ c-1 h,w Jr."*" w A*b...
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