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W' rl*wVbu (7) 9. Coffilete the followi Summer-06, 2nd ln:ferm Exom , ,*,tilib/' CHEM 282 % {Q=, I;",1 8Ao,# s4t r)UervrgT ql 2) H3o. \_/ PAGE 6 *o*o, O ll- -\,/ -OH il, 2) H3O. A) cl A A 1) Ph3P _ 2) BuLi wk ,,\' + oc + Hint: Mole ratio between B and C is 2:1
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Unformatted text preview: Tavored enolate" p2 ,5( b^ o ,A, _-Main Product Hao* _ (4) 10. Draw a detailed mechanism for the following Paeyer-Villiger Oxidation: @ D)@3;ll NaoEt-/ O \/ ' -------) U -) FY...
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