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IMG_NEW_0033 - -H N-I reagents lf several oroducts are...

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Spring 2008, Midterm CHEM 282 (14) 8. Complete the following reaction schemes (intermediates, products and/or PAGE 5 thermodynamic prod. B) 2) HNO3 H2S04 2/^o12 25"C <- 30 min 75"C, 3hrs {Fa -1orltsy'P7s OMe Racemic limonene (DRAW) ./. can be synthesized from f. J r two isoprene molecules I I I in a weil known reaction ,^ Name: f ip': nt.{ur Ry) Jrnq o A",- Atct3 0 - -?*ry _) ^.n ig,/ 1ffi"t c) (d^ tr ( 1o,",, ",/ + S .^A U crzJ recrs s fl d P. )Yrtdq,,
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Unformatted text preview: -H N-I reagents). lf several oroducts are oossible, draw all & indicate the main product. /-\zr HBr -T aP hur-G) + W" 'Hil kinetic prod. ?r \rU o^) I rreat 2 >_z ____r> 1) Cl2, FeCl. o ",)v -Alct3 't a,p( afut*1h-,V ctt ;1tuL"4 otr'nid'4 1"-l' d.i^,yt-a #.*(" w MeoH (3 +'V' H+ ow' o N o)xr"-\ L ,i --**n'0." ry*', 1-_) + /-orr,r" ^.__________-_> 'Y )l 6 hrs HNo3l r,loo...
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