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IMG_NEW_0034 - o1>(61 12 Please complete the foilowing...

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rv' t ' ut '1w tlre rlnal proouct and a detailed mechanism for the following oxime formation' Note: remember to oraw cur"J "riotr.';ililffii|I,,' ,ouuments. 70 ffio' U I l,sq* ..0H D4 Hatr H Ho. ,fu-oH oA .-.> I I Tn H €.,Y'Fon o1
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Unformatted text preview: o1 --> (61 12. Please complete the foilowing reaction schemes: cH2oH ? P Cl----W* urNNUey./-r' 3' o d' =r-rl H2S04 \aBH4 2) HCt \ o\-,ro 0f=N/NH.Fh ( Pfaaftlrg/r"";^'L) O^t''f-I'' girnane) K $H,so,=m un/...
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