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Please print your nome on these two pages! ! ! Name: Vib. Type O-H str N-H str C-H str C=C str C1N str C=O str C=C str CH bend OH bend NH bend C-O str C-N str C-Ca str CH oop bends Func. group Alcohol/Phenol Acid sp2 sp3 aldehyde alkyne cyano all alkene/arom. aromatic cH2tcH3 phenols acids amines/amides "conj" alc./ether polarized alkenes aromatic Wavelength [cm-1] 3200-3600 2500-3200 3200-3500 3000_31 00 2800_3000 2700-2850
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Unformatted text preview: 2100-2260 2110-2260 1660-1750 1500-1650 1400_1 51 5 1350-1475 1 31 5-1 390 870_950 1 500_16s0 660-910 1160_1310 1000-1200 1020_1340 950_1 150 650_1000 675-900 NMR Correlation Char* Legend m=multiple bands; b=broad vs=very strong; s=strong m=medium; w=weak, var=variable Char. b/s b/s bis m s m w m VS w-s var m/m m-s b/s b/s blm m-s m w-m s S s...
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