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Spring 2006, lst Midterm CHEM 282 PAGE 2 (3) 1. what is the major product of the following r.eaction? Ftleottl-Croys n(\la|'mS _.\ ,-n. yu? rcAr,-ryr - o z\ /\"''i:: ."/"^-Jl i-b- ? ll .l \Arcr3 I \/\ d"d .*o4p d"€*-'r eo eo1; .^"[.9) \)v co2Et + co2Et !*\e4 -z fne-lra
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Unformatted text preview: ' (2) 2. Which starting materials would give this D-jels'Alder product? co2Et co2Et v /.co2Et +lt Etorc' VI trII nur t] IV trV trI ur trru Vw cH^ ll' CH,-..co2Et +ll ,r, \corE' o+ 902Et l'ilr c02Et u uv n *\to"' \-.' y't"or=r....
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