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Spring 2006, lsr Midterm (3) 6. What is the major p.#au.t i", #;* the following sr r-\ /_LJ n' AA^. Xp#Eilctions? O *t#frr_ X I o9' "3 wwl.a , tr r f^jl ,,r;.-r.,A tr m o,N/\/ r f*n (/r, i urN/\V IIf ' NIV tr v "*r); o,N 7' The
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Unformatted text preview: unknown c<HuO compound the following IR and rHNMR spectra. Identifr and #T'::',':t ::=1' f4:'"'". i{ii ;#trJ; NMR) una, uee,ii a struc ture (s) cHEi^ 282 ,X, * nl* PAGE 4 ta: l;^--oo*i.!fu* ".* "To'W :9,w,...
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