IMG_NEW_0040 - 1 HNO3 H2S04 C> FeCl oEt 1 KMnOo KOH heat...

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o)rfr^L or/6" c) I heat 2z\v- L \(rrue'trt) <^ol'a _ 25"C 30 min ct -\ Alct3 D) hl Jt E) Br, -..-r( ------> - ll ,' I FeBr. DfY "[4 PAGE 5 Spring 2006, lst Midlerm CHEM 282 (12) 8' Complete the following reaction schemes (intermediates, prodgcts and/or reagents): a o A ln3 r- ",D frr\v -ab :h a A) \2 l"b * 'lQ G-- Ab B)O#o^ { 2) KMnOo KOH, heat
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Unformatted text preview: 1) HNO3 H2S04 C], _-_____> FeCl. oEt 1) KMnOo KOH, heat 2) HNO3 H2S04 u*n- {' Racemic limonene (DRAW) can be synthesized from two isoprene molecules in a well Known reaqtion Name: ttrils1ldw V ,(" A- ,-'\-)lt I F) I Hruo. JH,soo (J ott 0,/-ry.ooH I e,.^ J r"er. f,I*n Y 9r )''d"...
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