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Spring 2006,l't Midlerm CHEM 282 (5) I l. Please give the products of the following reactions: o ,=-\ U OH A %*o, ry." c) gDL (5) 12. The IR of this CqHrzO compound shows a very broad IR peak centering around 3l00cm-t W"g but no peak near 1700cmr. The lH NMR spectrum is given below. Identifr and label all peaks (give integrals, labels and split patterns) and suggest a
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Unformatted text preview: structure. ,,1*tvyl PAGE 7 r-\-oll" o1v")-''t) J., *q; Pdlc, H2 ,r, _ FeBr. HNO3 _ H2SO4 (r \/ fv' /tJ OJV 0tl ,eYS, '\t\NCZ Major H3CCOCI l>< Me It , I Arcr3 Y KMnO+ _ KoH FIoo c Llotl D) otl n ),Y' H .Y\U fu''-F\( "t...
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