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IMG_NEW_0045 - materials would give this Diels-Alder...

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doc I II m IV V Spring 2007 , I st Midlerm CHEM 282 Surrey (3) 1. What is the major product of the following reaction? PAGE 2 $cr ? Alcl3 g n tr n n xoAo-o oz\vIv \09< ilI/\ iO (Q^u-il d,€r (21 2. Which starting
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Unformatted text preview: materials would give this Diels-Alder product? I II ilI IV V \ .4-x-c02Et \,,,4\\_co2Et n n M n ! ,,.Co2Et +ll ,r, \corr' c02Et II OX:::: v ,co2Et (-J+I Eto2c' \y...
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