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Spring 2007 , I't Midlerm CHEM 282 Surrey PAGE 3 (3}1.onthebasisofmolecularorbitaltheory"noF@,whichofthefollowing woutd you expect to be aromatic? O, 4;+Lmf " OI,ilU t*JWA fril, rv, vrrr & x V }]' ''(or l4 ,i- n" " 'c** nr,rrr,v,vr&vrr A A D O,.O,. flr,rv,vr,vrr&urr 7, Tt ffi+ 'ut' v b I' Vw,v,vI,vIII&x O eH e nrv,v&vru VI b VII b VIII b @) 4. What is the order of increasing reactivity for electrophilic aromatic Chlorination of
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Unformatted text preview: \7 the following compounds (slowest first)? o il M9 \/ Mg HMA fll'no H s^ ry-ftt s.ffi*" ,r\,,.o-M" ,,/'Yff_ Urv"Vv m<I.ry<IV n III<V<I<II<IV IV<II<v<I<III M III<I<II<v<IV (21 5. What is the order of increasing rate of addition of HCI for the following compounds (slowest first)? *q,=*"q:.qi$ V tr tr II<I<III<IV g IV<III<I<II tr IV<II<III<I n il<I<IV<III \,...
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