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Spring 2007, I't Midlerm CHEM 282 Surrey (3) 6. How might the following synthesis be carried out - note: Zn(Hg), HCI are conditions to convert C=O into CHz (Clemmensen reduction)? cl several steps PAGE 4 II NA NB ND A) B) c) D) E) d\lc13 Etc I -.-------------- AlC13 CI, -.=_+ FeC 13 AlC13 Clr # FeC l3 Etc I --------. ...-.-, II II C E HCI , cHscocrJo/zn(ng), #s r ntct,
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Unformatted text preview: -V --HcT-tg' ,".1# r Cl, _ CHsCoCl_ Zn(Hg)- TT t F"cl, AlCl3 Hcl rr (6) 7. The unknown CsHroOz has the following lR and 1H NMR spectra. ldentify and label all peaks (vibr., integrals, split patterns, etc.) and suggest a structure. il n(Hg \ 100 \/ a Eso E ,f, rl-u" _C o-l-\-utTl, -O-cHr-c,rL-Ut Ao...
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