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Spring 2OO7 , I st Midterm CHEM 282 Surrey PAGE 5 (15) 8. Complete the following reaction schemes (intermediates, products and/or reagents): o ",D - Alcl3 35'C, t hr I -V,iarc %Mn €a-t-\ lo v "++ €- Pl^ Br, l>l9r 4ll I FeBr, 'V 6*=,A,(r/"' o *. -- r> Atct3 Y^ 0r t', _ FeCl. B) ^v*2- 1) Cl2 '\t 2) H2, Pt NO, 1) H2, Pt _ 2) Cl2 FeCl. c) fxx I heat 2 r'\r' .."-. ..... -.. > isoprene Racemic limonene (DRAW)
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Unformatted text preview: can be synthesized from two isoprene molecules in a well known reaction Name: T;oL Advr oEt X.V-' l1r cl-\ Atcl3 Limonene + D'''( e.rg,La O T#{ n + A*," jL N*qe-* 30 min </ ) uMe 6 hrs F) (\e' / tn{orl (tYe' v\.-\ Wr4n6Y l ltt { r"er. (lout K" ?'n* ) (6"'# (r^"r*) I { H'so' (v*n Mz Y \,...
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