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CHEM 282 7 7?-9f v -;/z rutoriar #5 CHEM 282 - TUTORIAL #5 Obiective for this Tutorialz Practice Spectroscopy Compound X contains 2 oxygen atoms. Based on the spectra given below, suggest a struiture for compound X. Clearly assign ill.J H peaks and labelthe lR absorpti-ors.
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Unformatted text preview: Iot t*d'l ilYrl c rl a /;t I C,+L l' CTL h' jtt' Lr\, @ ,n,, *roorno n", ,n" to,".S"r,i#," crHrcto' ptpor"c}rirr.rrr". Tff* l! *rJ-* htry r H*;rii Ti|iji F l!;i!ri-.f:,*;: *ffi * +*+ t l::.t;* H E I I t @ Dr. uwe Kreis, sFU @- n +tt tft...
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