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Lecture 9: Muscles L hnement is a hallgark of animals /t{1^ Obvbusly, externalmouementgEof,ffUn) is necessary to move through the environment for many reirsons (catch food, escap e ffinrs. move to better environments) whether it be the whole body or just parts of the body (lgntacle waving in a sessile animal). lnternal movement is also of importance, eg. Pumping blood in circulatory system, respiration etc.
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Unformatted text preview: Muscle is the tissue behind all movement. The three major types of locomotion used to move between habitats (others exist) are swimming, running, flying. 2. The functional unit of the muscle is the model i and it contracts bythediding filament sarcomere ry !o matter what type of muscle, it is the interactions between fovosin)nfrctir;)which underlie muscle :ontractions. A{*Lh ht;i.*n...
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