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IntroSession - Geography 12 Maps and Spatial Reasoning...

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1 Geography 12: Maps and Spatial Reasoning Geography 12: Fall 2011 Maps and Spatial Reasoning Instructor: Professor Keith Clarke TAs: Dan Ervin ,Yingjie Hu , Olaf Menzer To set the stage In the beginning was the word….. “ It is generally agreed that true writing of language was invented independently in at least two places: Mesopotamia 3200 BC and Mesoamerica 600 BC.” (numbers are earlier) Maybe, in the beginning was the MAP ! 4500 BCE? Spatial Thinking But did writing develop before SPATIAL REASONING? Spatial thinking: Reasoning and thinking using graphics (can also use spoken word, written word, numbers & symbols) Visual tools are drawings, photos, charts, graphs and maps 35,000BCE Perhaps the first maps were… Lets see what the authorities say…
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2 Çatalhöyük : 6000 BCE Drawing of the central portion of the Catalhoyuk map. The twin peaked volcano is a reasonable representation of the way Hasan Dagi looked 8000 years ago. It has been extinct since the second millennium BCE But is it a map?
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