Lecture17 - Data Dimensions Geography 12: Maps and Spatial...

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1 Geography 12: Maps and Spatial Reasoning Lecture 17: Feature Dimensions and Data Levels Professor Keith Clarke Data Dimensions • Point (0) • Line (1) • Area (2) • Volume (3) Data types map onto cartographic symbols Stanley Smith Stevens (1906-1973) • American psychologist best known as the founder of Harvard's Psycho- Acoustic Laboratory • Credited with Stevens' power law • Milestone textbook, the 1400+ page "Handbook of Experimental Psychology" (1951) • Founding organizer of the Psychonomic Society • 1946 he introduced a theory of levels of measurement often used by statisticians Quantitative Data Have “Levels” of Measurement Stevens (1946) • Nominal: Has name or class only • Ordinal: Has rank only • Interval: Has value on arbitrary scale (e.g. Fahrenheit) • Ratio: Has value on scale with absolute zero value (e.g. Kelvin) • Different mathematical operations on variables are possible, depending on the level at which a variable is measured. (e.g. Forest + Agriculture = ?) • In statistics the kinds of descriptive statistics and significance tests that are appropriate depend on the level of measurement of the variables concerned
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2 Nominal Data/Maps • City names • Features by type, e.g. picnic area, mine shaft • Soil types, surface geology, land use
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Lecture17 - Data Dimensions Geography 12: Maps and Spatial...

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