Lecture19 - Measurement Shape Geography 12: Maps and...

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1 Geography 12: Maps and Spatial Reasoning Lecture 19: Applications of Feature Measurements Professor Keith Clarke Measurement • Shape – Miller – Bunge –Boyce-C lark – Fourier measures • Distribution – Quadrat analysis – Nearest neighbor analysis To evaluate the geographic distribution by residence at the time of illness, cases from 1978 to 1981 within Miami-Dade County, a ciguatera endemic region, were analyzed (Figure 1). Of the 304 index cases, 169 occurred in Miami-Dade County, with 102 (60.4% of Miami-Dade County cases) of these cases occurring during the specified time period. A nearest-neighbor analysis was performed in an attempt to show a random distribution of cases in the county. However, despite various attempts to adjust for population density and lack of habitability (e.g., airports, Everglades, and ocean areas), the R-value was 0.10, indicating a strong clustering pattern . Nevertheless, the clustering pattern closely followed densely populated roadways that pass through highly varied neighborhoods. Geographic Information Systems and Ciguatera Fish Poisoning in the Tropical Western Atlantic Region John F Stinn, Donald P de Sylva, Lora E Fleming, Eileen Hack Nearest-Neighbor Analysis • Unlike quadrat analysis uses distances between points as its basis • The mean of the distance observed between each point and its nearest neighbor is compared with the expected mean distance that would occur if the distribution were random • Also needs a reference area
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Lecture19 - Measurement Shape Geography 12: Maps and...

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