sylabus_2011 - Atmospheric moisture, stability None Feb 23...

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Week Lecture Topics Reading (A B) Discussion Topics E xercises (C) Jan 3-5 Introduction; atmosphere origin, composition, vertical structure pp. 1-29 Jan 10-12 Sun angle and seasons, solar radiation pp. 30-53 Vertical structure of the atmosphere, earth-sun geometry Jan 17 -19 Energy balances, global temperature variations pp. 54-91 Surface energy budget Labs 1-2 Jan 24-26 Atmospheric pressure and wind, forces, hydrostatic equilibrium pp. 92-107 Climate Controls Lab 3 Jan 31-Feb2 Surface and upper atmospheric winds pp. 108-119 Atmospheric Motion Lab 13 Feb 7-09 Atmospheric moisture , humidity, condensation pp 122-155 Midterm review Lab 8 Feb 16 Midterm Feb 21 Vertical motion and clouds pp. 156-187
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Unformatted text preview: Atmospheric moisture, stability None Feb 23 Precipitation processes, atmospheric general circulation pp. 188-251 Precipitation processes, weather maps Labs 5,9 Feb -28 Mid-latitude cyclones pp. 254-305 Midlatitude cyclones, thunderstorms Labs 6,7 Mar-2 Thunderstorms, tornadoes pp. 306-385 Final Review Labs 10,11 Final Exam Grading: Homework 25% + 5% frequency in labs Classroom work 15% (minimum presence required: 75%) Midterm exam: 25% Final exam: 30% Textbook: (A,B) Aguado and Burt, Understanding Weather and Climate , 5th Ed. Carbone, Exercises for Weather and Climate , 7th Edition...
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sylabus_2011 - Atmospheric moisture, stability None Feb 23...

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