ClassIntro - 2 The instructors is from is in The lab work...

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1 Winter 2011 Geography 128 Analytical and Computer Cartography Professor Keith C. Clarke With substantial help from Gargi Chaudhuri Class web site Geog128.html What you will learn • The cartographic side of Geographic Information Science • What AC is, where it came from, and where its going • Aspects of cartographic transformations • Some extra details on 3D representation • Several Open Source mapping packages • How to build a map portfolio The class • Lectures 2x a week • Labs once a week • 5 labs, 2 weeks per lab • Labs are far more self-help based than 176. Use your intelligence! • Web site • Reader • Gauchospace site
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Unformatted text preview: 2 The instructors is from. . is in. . The lab work Open source/Freeware Portfolio of maps 3 The Class • Taught as Analytical Cartography (Geog 482) at the University of Michigan by Waldo Tobler late 1960s on • Topic of paper by Tobler in 1976, published the curriculum (more detailed than actual class!) • Adopted by Keith Clarke at Hunter College in 1982, after taking the class at Michigan • Led to Analytical and Computer Cartography 1990 textbook. 2 editions • Moved the class to UCSB in 1996, taught in several other universities • Many subsequent additions to the literature Geog 482...
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ClassIntro - 2 The instructors is from is in The lab work...

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