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Geography 128 Analytical and Computer Cartography Sample Mid-Term Short answer essay questions 1. What is Analytical Cartography? Analytical cartography was described by Waldo Tobler, who first defined the field as “solving cartographic problems” and later as the mathematical and procedural parts of cartography that remain when technology changes. These include geometric, topological, algebraic and other properties. Drawing technologies for mapping have changed greatly over the last 100 years, such that the computer is now the main means by which maps are produced and distributed. AC includes the study of map transformations, such as those of sampling, projection, generalization, data structure and visual representation. 2. Which common coordinate systems in use in the US are based on the Mercator projection? Most commonly used are the military (MGRS) and civilian versions of the Universal Transverse Mercator system, the major portion of which is based on a set of 60 transverse Mercator (TM) projections with central meridians 6 degree apart. Grids are established in
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