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Stability of Tenure1

Stability of Tenure1 - 5 Stability of Tenure a Fayol...

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5. Stability of Tenure a. Fayol emphasized that employees should not be moved frequently from one job position to another i.e. the period of service in a job should be fixed. b. Therefore employees should be appointed after keeping in view principles of recruitment & selection but once they are appointed their services should be served. c. According to Fayol. “Time is required for an employee to get used to a new work & succeed to doing it well but if he is removed before that he will not be able to render worthwhile services”. d. As a result, the time, effort and money spent on training the worker will go waste. e. Stability of job creates team spirit and a sense of belongingness among workers which ultimately increase the quality as well as quantity of work. 6. Scalar Chain a. Fayol defines scalar chain as ’The chain of superiors ranging from the ultimate authority to the lowest”. b. Every orders, instructions, messages, requests, explanation etc. has to pass through Scalar chain.
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