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Unformatted text preview: Meanwhile, the other Union armies were far from idle. General Philip Sheridan led a cavalry force through the Shenandoah Valley, destroying much of the fertile cropland in the area. Farther south, Sherman had begun his now-infamous march to the sea. He cut a miles-wide swath through Georgia, laying waste to everything in his army's path and ultimately capturing Savannah in December. Petersburg fell in April 1865, and the final assault on the Confederate capital of Richmond began on April 3. As Union troops approached, the Confederate troops began to set fire to the city and withdraw. On April 7, 1865, Grant made his first peace overture to Lee. Lee responded with a question about the terms of surrender. For the first time in his military career, Grant actually offered some. He did not hear back from Lee until late on the night of April 8, when, after another day of fighting as Grant's...
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