On March 41 - On March 4 1869 Grant became the eighteenth...

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Unformatted text preview: On March 4, 1869, Grant became the eighteenth President of the United States. He privately selected a Cabinet, relying on few others to help him. Unfortunately, Grant did not select strong leaders, but rather close personal friends, like Secretary of War John A. Rawlins, and campaign contributors like the wealthy Secretary of the Navy, Adolph Edward Borie. While Grant's selections seemed like a good idea at the time, the appointments created an environment in which few members of the administration fully understood what happened in their departments. Overall, the greatest general the nation had ever seen soon became one of its worst Presidents. Grant's motto, "Let us have peace," was supported by no policy initiatives to give it teeth. Furthermore, Grant expressed little desire to make policy or enforce it over the will of the American people. Thus, when considering his Presidency, it is important the will of the American people....
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