The end of the Mexican War1

The end of the Mexican War1 - The end of the Mexican War...

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Unformatted text preview: The end of the Mexican War left Grant in a sort of quandary. He was not ready to be a businessman, so he did not follow the example of most of his West Point classmates and resign from the Army. Instead, he began a career in the peacetime Army, after marrying Julia Dent in August 1848. In an odd quirk of fate, the three groomsmen in his wedding would later serve in the Confederate Army that surrendered to Grant at Appamattox. In October 1848, Grant returned to the Army and was ordered to report to Detroit–this time, however, he took Julia with him. When they arrived in Michigan, Grant discovered that his orders had been changed and that he needed to report to Sackets Harbor, New York, on the eastern shore of Lake Ontario. Grant protested, but the order to allow him to stay in Detroit did not arrive until Grant and his wife had reached Sackets Harbor,...
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