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The Mexican War intervened1

The Mexican War intervened1 - The Mexican War intervened...

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Unformatted text preview: The Mexican War intervened, however, and Grant saw his first combat during a deployment under General Zachary Taylor near Matamoros, Mexico. Though only a quartermaster, Grant did see some action under General Winfield Scott during the attack on Mexico City–and even played a small notable role in the attack, helping to capture a church belfry and directing cannon fire from there. After the war, Grant returned to St. Louis and married Dent in 1848. Knowing his business skills were less than stellar, he decided to stay in the peacetime Army. He and Julia spent several mostly happy years in Sackets Harbor, New York, and Detroit, and Julia bore him his first child. However, a two-year posting to California and the resulting separation from his family caused Grant to reconsider the Army life. When multiple business ventures failed–sinking any hope of bringing his family West to join him–and...
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