Beginning with portraits of the families of Dr

Beginning with portraits of the families of Dr - Beginning...

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Unformatted text preview: Beginning with portraits of the families of Dr. Gachet and the innkeeper Ravoux and landscape paintings of the surrounding wheat fields, Van Gogh finished at least seventy paintings in the seventy days he lived in Auvers, the final days of his life. He worked furiously and with total focus and concentration for the beginning of the summer of 1890, avoiding any serious attacks, although he slowly began to show signs of depression and erratic behavior, and his letters to Theo had again become less lucid and coherent after Theo, with his wife and son, visited his brother in early June. His Docteur Gachet is a particularly well-known example of his Auvers portraits, in which he believed he had captured "the heart-broken expression of our time" (L 638). It was at this time, in June 1890, that he wrote to his sister Wil that he "should like to paint portraits which would...
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