Daumier - Daumier Honore ∙(1808–1879 important Realist...

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Unformatted text preview: Daumier, Honore - ∙ (1808–1879) important Realist painter, printmaker, cartoonist, and sculptor who influenced Impressionists Edgar Degas - ∙ (1834–1917) important Impressionist painter, sculptor, and photographer known for his progressive compositions and excellent draftsmanship Eugene Delacroix - ∙ (1798–1863) the master and finest colorist of French Romanticism Divisionism - ∙ Signac's term for Pointillism or neo-Impressionism; see "Pointillism" Duchamp, Marcel - ∙ (1887–1968) Cubist painter, Dada artist, original avant-garde provocateur, one of the leading figures of twentieth-century art Durand-Ruel - ∙ Paris art gallery primarily responsible for promoting and selling Impressionist work Ecole des Beaux-Arts - ∙ the "School of Fine Arts"; the French academy in control of the official Salon and French art in general until the rise of the Impressionists...
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