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Unformatted text preview: Hamilton's career in the Revolutionary War was distinguished. He began his military career as the leader of a New York militia and quickly advanced to become an artillery captain, then went on to serve as an aide to General Washington. The "little lion", as Hamilton was called, served in Washington's family of aides for four years, during which he experienced both the hardship at Valley Forge, and a number of triumphs on the battlefield. As a lieutenant- colonel, the young Hamilton fought in several battles, including the battles of Monmouth and Yorktown, and the leadership skills he acquired during his service in the military proved to be invaluable in his political career. At the war's end, Hamilton realized that the government outlined by the Articles of Confederation was weak and ineffective. The national economy had collapsed, citizens were depressed, and many of the various states quarreled so frequently that the Union...
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