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,iple Ghoice Questions: (25 questions, S points each) .,. Augmentin is a new drug being tested for use in congestive heart failure; it clinical effect is an increase the force of bontraction of heart musclE lt affects the Na'/K-ATPase by blocking the phosphorylation of this protein. According to the model pqsented in class this drug must "lock" the pump in which of the following conformations: 6n)Na' bound, facing the intracellular compartment -El K bound, facing the extracellular compartment \ C) N?' bound, facing the extracellular compartment v^-h> _,{"t: D) K bound, facing the intracellular compartment ,,' ,-!,i E) in the inactive state with no ions bound $ 2. Phospholipids in bacteria contain an unusual fatg acid residue, a cyclopropane ring: CHz /\ "o t H 3c-( c H r 5-fi-fi - (C H z) n c.o_ Bacteria would be expected to have a high percentage of these fatty acids in their membranes for which one of the ttu-Sa-* .w+ 6n.(r htt,t' 1,.i' r'tr' tt | ! 5t \/f,ti !\ r'. tYti 1:: 1: rt t'i N' l ., . I following reasons? A) To increase membrane permeability. B) To decrease membrane fluidity. -Qffo anchor membrane associated proteins. -FfTo facilitate transport of polar solutes across the membrane -*)fOinCreaSemembfaneflUidity. e-Stvw.rla-,y.{-u lr.,uni{ u{ r^,,ia-ra.i l':st,'[tq i;*a16Jl 7f S.Which of the following pieces of eperimental evidence DOES distinguish between the tipid blayermodel of cell "\ j\embranes and the ptobhblal,ermodel for cell membranes? (Note: A-D are all true statements) (A)petergents are require.d to remove some of the protein components from lipid bilayers. -BlElectron micrographs show that membranes are 5-8 nm thick and the diameter of a typical membrane protein is approximately 8 nm. "C) etial cell membranes have a protein content of 25o/o or less. ,Q\Mitochondrial membranes have a protein content of 75o/o or more. -.{pAi, of the above f a. Which of the following most GOMPLETELY identifies the structure below? A) phospholipid B) sphingolipid C) triacylglycerol D) cholesterol lllr l1 {:Hjt .'N' t:H, [ ,^-.d | \- Cli, ) t- fll' o "rn Q0*{ | - .) (!-" p--' tt I OHOH ttl cHz-c- c-H .,[r -.-, f" cH g),"' , s,,j' 11:1, lrc ,i."t*-' | | ' (CH2rr.r (fllr)rr ("1H3 oHr
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. Which of the following is NOT a membrane lipid? A) Cholesterol fBJ.Triacylglycerol \ dj pno.bnatioylgly""rol t f,1;:; i'urr {'n? 1 D) Cerebrosides E) Sphingomyelin * 6. Why is the conversion of acetaldehyde to ethanol a necessary step in the process of I ux t t a n fermentation by microorganisms? A) lt produces ATP (eJltoxidizes NADH Y lt regenerates NADH D) lt produces H', reducing the pH of these cells E) lt produces a compound that can be used in the citric acid cycle -4- 7. Which of the CAQ enzymes below catalyzes the substrate
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Exam+2--W02 - ., (25 ,ipleGhoiceQuestions: questions,S...

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