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Van Gogh - Van Gogh's career as an artist began in earnest...

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Unformatted text preview: Van Gogh's career as an artist began in earnest in Etten, where he was able to try his hand at portraiture, using his favorite sister Wil, who was visiting, as a model. He visited The Hague in the fall of 1881 to ask his old supervisor at Goupil for advice and to seek the counsel of his cousin, the painter Anton Mauve, a member of The Hague School of Realist painters. Mauve and Vincent got along well, and Mauve believed in Vincent's potential as an artist, provoking Vincent to write happily to Theo that "what seemed to be impossible before is gradually becoming possible now.... Diggers, sowers, plowers, male and female are what I must draw continually. I have to observe and draw everything that belongs to country life.... I no longer stand helpless before nature as I used to" (L 150, Sept. 1881). In Etten he did exactly that, copying Millet's pictures of used to" (L 150, Sept....
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