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Unformatted text preview: Vincent's success led to a small commission from an interested art dealer for some drawings. In an attempt to find models to make the figure studies that Mauve recommended, the destitute van Gogh took in a pregnant prostitute named Sien Hoornik as well as her younger sister and her mother. The most important result of this partnership was the drawing Sorrow, from April 1882. A nude study of Sien hunched and crouching with her head in her folded arms, this drawing (which is famous today in its later incarnation as a lithograph) was van Gogh's first important work (he himself called it "the best figure I have drawn yet" [L 186]), and its brutally honest, unwavering line is early evidence of the strong graphic quality and heavy, modeled line of his mature style. He sent the drawing to Theo, who was unhappy with how Vincent had treated their...
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