Despite the disrupting influence of the war

Despite the disrupting influence of the war - Despite the...

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Unformatted text preview: Despite the disrupting influence of the war, Heisenberg managed to achieve a world- class education, perhaps largely due to independent study. This education prepared him for a sizable role in what many view as the golden years of physics. Max Planck and Albert Einstein began the revolution with quantum theory. Einstein also changed the world with his theory of relativity, altering such time-honored principles as gravity and the absolute nature of space and time. Further along, Ernest Rutherford and Niels Bohr offered increasingly detailed pictures of the atom, and Heisenberg's peer Wolfgang Pauli added his own insights. Several such contributions from Pauli and others paved the way for Heisenberg's first major contribution–the establishment of a matrix-based quantum mechanics. After this, Heisenberg continued to lead the way in many searches, including the pursuit of a way to unite relativity and quantum theory, which continues to...
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