Four weeks after Heisenberg

Four weeks after Heisenberg - Four weeks after Heisenberg's...

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Unformatted text preview: Four weeks after Heisenberg's arrival, Sommerfeld invited him to take a look at the Zeeman effect data. Within a year Heisenberg proposed his atomic core model, which seemed to explain many of the observed phenomena but failed to satisfy the requirements of previously accepted theories that Niels Bohr and Sommerfeld had established. Although Bohr and Sommerfeld had themselves departed from classical mechanics, they held firm to certain principles of quantum theory–principles that Heisenberg's model clearly violated. For instance, Heisenberg had used half-integer quantum numbers whereas quantum theory always required whole integers. Nevertheless, Heisenberg's was the only model that could reconcile the Zeeman effect with quantum physics. Nearly everyone in the scientific community reacted to Heisenberg's ideas with disapproval. His model showed promise, but scientists like Bohr and even Sommerfeld, disapproval....
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