Published in 1927

Published in 1927 - Published in 1927, Heisenberg's...

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Unformatted text preview: Published in 1927, Heisenberg's uncertainty paper, entitled "On the Perceptual Content of Quantum Theoretical Kinematics and Mechanics," met with varying reactions and interpretations, though its significance was universally acknowledged. Schrdinger and, perhaps more famously, Einstein, flatly disapproved. Einstein and Bohr would continue to debate over indeterminacy for the rest of their lives, the former stubborn in his belief that indeterminacy was not the final answer, but merely indicative of our current inability to make exact measurements. On the other hand, disagreements brewed between Heisenberg and Bohr as well. Bohr, who had begun to recognize the merits of wave mechanics, was now arguing that the best theory would have to accommodate the wave-particle dualism. Bohr readily accepted the fact of uncertainty, but he believed that its origin lie in the forced choice...
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