Upon retiring from military life

Upon retiring from military life - Upon retiring from...

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Unformatted text preview: Upon retiring from military life, Hamilton returned to Albany, New York. In January of 1782, Hamilton's wife Betsey gave birth to their first son, Philip. The couple had eight children altogether, two girls and six boys, over the span of twenty years. The couple and their first son lived together in Albany until they moved to Wall Street in New York City in 1883. In January of 1882, Hamilton petitioned the New York Supreme Court to grant him special waivers so that he could become a lawyer. Ordinarily, would-be lawyers were required to serve a three-year internship before taking the bar exam, but the court granted Hamilton's request because he had served as an aide to George Washington in the army for four years. Hamilton immediately began studying for the upcoming bar exam later that year. His old King's College friend and comrade-in-arms Robert Troup exam later that year....
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