Werner - Werner's childhood companion was his brother Erwin...

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Unformatted text preview: Werner's childhood companion was his brother, Erwin, who was older by a year and a half. Competition between the two brothers was fierce. It began with music, which was essential for all cultured children–Werner playing the cello and later the piano, Erwin on the violin, and August singing with his operatic voice. Later, the competition turned to academics, particularly mathematics, as August would challenge his sons to compete on the problems assigned to Erwin for homework. Competition often turned into violent struggles, and it was only after a particularly bloody fight, involving the use of wooden chairs, that the two brothers decided to call a truce. At about the ages of thirteen and fourteen, Werner and Erwin finally saw the futility of violence between them, but they never really became close either. Erwin would leave for military duty soon and go on to never really became close either....
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