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When Heisenberg first arrived in Munich

When Heisenberg first arrived in Munich - When Heisenberg...

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Unformatted text preview: When Heisenberg first arrived in Munich, the 18-year-old was still planning to study pure mathematics. However, after a disastrous meeting with a renowned and intimidating professor, he felt he had to seek alternatives. He came to Ernest Sommerfeld, who would be his first scientific mentor. Sommerfeld was a natural teacher who supported his students wholeheartedly. When inflation put students in financial trouble–a frequent occurrence–Sommerfeld would help them out with his own funds. At the time, Sommerfeld, a theoretical physicist, was low on the academic hierarchy. All the school's resources went to the Nobel Prize-winning experimental physicist Willy Wien. Upon Heisenberg's arrival, however, the trends began to change. If Heisenberg's father figure was Sommerfeld, then his older brother was Wolfgang Pauli. Pauli was only one year older, but had come to Munich with even more advanced Pauli....
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  • Fall '08
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  • Heisenberg, scientific mentor. Sommerfeld, experimental physicist Willy, Ernest Sommerfeld, exciting social life

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