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After Henry - After Henry's break with Rome European...

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Unformatted text preview: After Henry's break with Rome, European politics began to see some reallignments along religious lines, and by the close of the 1530s, Henry's new chief minister, Thomas Cromwell, was urging Henry to ally himself with northern German Protestant territories which were hostile toward both the Papacy and the Habsburg emperor. This was the purpose behind Henry's 1540 marriage alliance with the duchy of Cleves, a strategically important German state on the north side of the Rhine. Within the next five years, however, Henry was fighting once again alongside the Emperor Charles, invading France in the summer of 1544. By this time Henry was aging and very fat, and could not lead his men into battle on horseback as he did as a young man. Instead, he was carried along the battle lines in a litter. His army captured the French city of Boulogne in carried along the battle lines in a litter....
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