Andrew Jackson never met his father

Andrew Jackson never met his father - Andrew Jackson never...

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Unformatted text preview: Andrew Jackson never met his father, the man for whom he was named. The elder Andrew, son of a prosperous linen weaver, had emigrated to America from Ireland in 1765. The familyconsisting of his wife, Elizabeth Hutchinson, and two sons, Hugh and Robertlanded in Pennsylvania and moved southward, ending up in the Waxhaws, a small settlement on the Carolina border where they settled on two hundred acres to begin their life in America. At this point, the Waxhaws consisted of little more than a Presbyterian church, a general store, and a few scattered houses. In February 1767, the elder Jackson died unexpectedly at the age of twenty-ninejust a few short weeks before his pregnant wife was to give birth again. A small wagon bore the family patriarch to a nearby cemetery near the Waxhaw church. However, when the funeral procession arrived at the burial site, they discovered the...
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