In 1521 - In 1521 Henry published a book defending Catholic...

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Unformatted text preview: In 1521, Henry published a book defending Catholic teaching against Martin Luther's positions on the seven sacraments. The Pope subsequently named the king "Defender of the Faith." By 1527, Henry was determined to divorce Queen Catherine, who had not borne him a living male heir. Of their eight children, only the Princess Mary (the future Queen Mary I) survived infancy. Henry tried to put pressure on Pope Clement VII to give him a special dispensation to divorce Catherine. When Wolsey failed in his negotiations with the Vatican to get the dispensation, Henry fired Wolsey and decided to sidestep established legal procedures of the Church. In defiance of Rome, he humbled the English clergy in a 1532 act of Parliament called the Supplication against the Ordinaries. Then, in 1533, he married Anne Boleyn, who soon gave birth to the future Queen...
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  • Henry, Anne Boleyn, married Jane Seymour, King Edward VI., wife Katherine Parr, strategically unimportant city

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