In January 1535

In January 1535 - In January 1535 Henry named Cromwell his Viceregent giving him the sort of political sway Thomas Wolsey once possessed Together

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Unformatted text preview: In January 1535, Henry named Cromwell his Viceregent, giving him the sort of political sway Thomas Wolsey once possessed. Together, Henry and Cromwell presided over the parliaments which passed the Ten Articles, the Six Articles, established new episcopal sees, and made many other political reforms which were tied into the constitution and reconstitution of the Church of England. Henry and Cromwell used Parliament extensively in the cause of the new regime. Cromwell engineered major changes in the bureaucratic structure of Henry's administration. By 1536, the inner ring of the king's council had been transformed into a proper institution known as the Privy Council. It was no longer an informal body wielding uncertain amounts of influence over the king's decision-making. It became a formal body, with defined conciliar functions. By the 1540s, the financial administration and body, with defined conciliar functions....
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