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No events in Henry

No events in Henry - No events in Henry's reign have been...

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Unformatted text preview: No events in Henry's reign have been more studied than those surrounding the divorce from Catherine and the relationship of these events to the English Reformation. Scholars from the sixteenth century onwards have offered a wide range of interpretations of these events, and debate continues to rage among historians of the period. One of the central points at issue is the inevitability of Henry's break with the Roman Church, and also, how much of that break was driven by larger political considerations versus Henry's simple personal motivation to replace the old, tired Catherine with the young, captivating, and fertile Anne Boleyn. These debates show the great importance of individual men and women in the shaping of world events. The dispensation Henry requested from Pope Clement not only rested on shaky theological grounds–since the passage in Leviticus was contradicted by others in the...
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