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Outside England - Outside England, the Reformation took a...

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Unformatted text preview: Outside England, the Reformation took a much more visibly partisan shape with the arrival of Martin Luther's dramatic reform movement in 1519 and the subsequent splintering of northern Europe into a confused battleground for religious warfare. During the decades of Henry's reign, England's relations with the various European powers were likewise confused. In the early 1520s, Henry was a staunch opponent of Lutheranism as well as an opponent of French encroachments on Papal lands in Italy. In those years, he fought alongside the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V. Charles, the young Habsburg nephew of Catherine of Aragon, had inherited the crowns of Spain, Austria, and Burgundy along with his 1519 election to the imperial seat by the German princes and other magnates. This situation greatly tipped the scales of the European balance of power, and while Henry was quick to ally himself with Charles against France...
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