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Though formidable in appearance and in his temper

Though formidable in appearance and in his temper - Though...

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Unformatted text preview: Though formidable in appearance and in his temper, Henry knew how to charm people and win their devotion. Henry was concerned about spreading learning and culture among his countrymen. For this purpose, Henry funded developments at the universities at Oxford and Cambridge. In 1546, for example, the year before he died, he oversaw the revamping of one of the colleges at Oxford, renaming it Christ's Church, a college which has flourished since the sixteenth century. The great majority of Henry's subjects had to deal with basic economic hardships, which were the royal administration had difficulty addressing. There were major economic troubles early in Henry's reign, such as an increase in rural unemployment, and the raising of rents and fines for tenant farmers, who increasingly formed the bulk of the population. Along with rising prices, due to a general inflation which few if any of Henry's population....
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