When the War of 1812 bega1

When the War of 1812 bega1 - leave his troops to be...

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When the War of 1812 began, Jackson was a military man in title only. He had never  served active duty and he had never led troops in combat. He had been elected to his  posts only by virtue of having political friends. Nonetheless, when war broke out,  Jackson did not hesitate before offering the government the use of the 2,500 troops  under his command in Tennessee. In December 1812 Jackson marched with to New  Orleans with 1,500 troops to reinforce the garrison there. General Wilkinson, who commanded the troops in New Orleans, was wary of Jackson's  war-fever. Furthermore, there was old bad blood between the two men from previous  dealings. Wilkinson, therefore, halted Jackson's army far outside the city, where it waited  and waited. Jackson grew increasingly frustrated even before he received an order to  disband his army. Jackson realized that Wilkinson meant him to return to Nashville and 
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Unformatted text preview: leave his troops to be assimilated into Wilkinson's army. Therefore, Jackson announced he would return to Nashville with his army, and did just that. The long and hard return trip to Nashville earned him the moniker "Old Hickory" from his men, who claimed that he stood as tough as hickory wood. The army did not reach Nashville until May 1813. After his return to Nashville, Jackson became embroiled in yet another fight for honor, standing as a second in a duel in which a man was shot in the buttocks. The affair culminated in a street brawl, with Jackson backing one combatant into a tavern at gunpoint. In the midst of the brawl, Jackson took a bullet in his arm–a bullet he would carry with him for nearly twenty years...
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