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August 24 - Date: 08-24-07 Class: Chem This text is being...

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Date: 08-24-07 Class: Chem This text is being provided in a rough-draft format. Communication Access Realtime Translation is provided in order to facilitate communication accessibility and may not be a totally verbatim record of the proceedings. PROFESSOR: With respect to sports, music, place or whatever, health, if you end up getting arrested, something like that, let me know. We'll see if we can bail you out. Okay, the scantrons, conference in on getting your name in there, your I.D., write on the side of it Quiz No. 1 somewhere. Okay just up above Quiz No. 1, you can have your name in there. And that just helps us if somehow it would get separated from the rest. Usually we can figure this out. Notice there are six points possible on this. And so you get five and you get to keep the other one, all right? So if you get 5/6 you get a 5 and you don't have the extra credit points. The first extra credit point -- next week there will be five extra credit points. What you're going to do next week, we're going to give you a test online, on Blackboard. Actually somebody's questions are buried in there, and you'll take the test on your own leisure and we'll give directions on how to do that. You'll set it up, try to take it. I think there is 90 questions. They're all be multiple choice. I think last year we gave it in class and this time we're going to give it outside of class.
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I don't care what your score is. I don't care if you are 0/90. Don't worry. Most of them are multiple choice, and there is certain way you can learn how to take those. But more importantly, this is to get you used to filling out the scantron in a test-like situation and then proceeding forward. We'll have another scantron and you take it home on Monday and you turn it in probably on Wednesday. So you don't need to study it. If you want to study, you can. It is going to be over Chapter 1 about 90 questions and it gets you warmed up for a test-like situation. I think the most important part in this class will be the idea of testing yourself, okay, so this will come roughly two weeks before the first exam. You practice the time trials and get a feel for where you sit, and I think it takes a little bit of pressure off. The first two tests are very, very straightforward. Not that the third is that much more difficult. I think that you have other classes that vary and you get buried into organic chemistry into the real language by the first test, okay. So I sent an e-mail out last night. Did anyone have trouble downloading the test out of my e-mail? Hands up. So there is a couple of people, hands up, hands up. So the attachment, there is two places you can get it. If you had trouble with the attachment, did you go on the Blackboard and get it? You couldn't get it anywhere? Well, Blackboard or -- okay, you can come and talk to me. Just make sure there is not a problem. We operate off of a MAC platform. Usually in the decoding when you go
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August 24 - Date: 08-24-07 Class: Chem This text is being...

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